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About us

ipAn is an international group of psychoanalytically informed clinicians and researchers who come together for the cross-fertilization of ideas, opinions and insights.
The objective is to initiate research projects and share results for the purpose of publicising the concept of pre-autism and to broaden the knowledge-base about detection, diagnosis and treatment of pre-autism.
The guiding principle is the understanding – that when autism is detected in infants during their first year of life, appropriate intervention at this age can redirect their development.
Your support will enable at-risk babies and their families to be screened to determine whether intervention and treatment is necessary.

ipAn is registered in the United Kingdom as a charity (no. 1116398) and as a company (no. 05801433).
Our Trustees are:
Pierre Michel COUTIN

Current treatment and training centres:
(England) Parent Infant Centre
27 Frognal, London NW3 6AR
(+44) 020 7433 3112